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Zymol - Authorised ResellerZymol complete product listing

We’re proud to become the largest Authorised Reseller in the UK of the market-leading Zymol car care products range. We also stock every product up to special order products such as Destiny and Atlantique.

Since 2003 we’ve supplied owners of sports, classic, modern and luxury and everyday cars with sound advice and great products. Now we can supply you with the ultimate brand in car care – Zymol hand crafted waxes and protection products. Recognised as the best by the owners of the most loved cars in the world, Zymol is the target to aim for in automotive care products, hand crafted from natural ingredients.

Our MD is trained in the use of Zymol products and is always happy to advise on the most appropriate products for your needs.

We invest heavily in our Zymol stock and thus normally physically hold every wax up to and including Concours, not every UK reseller holds as wide a range as us.

We will gladly ship Zymol products outside the United Kingdom.


Zymol Spray Glaze  CSZ123     £19.99  OUT OF STOCK 12/6/17 Add to basket

Zymol product updates / Out of Stock listing - please read before ordering

  • AutoWash is now 48 oz, not 64oz and the packaging is not as illustrated. Priced the same at £28 per bottle. This information supercedes the actual product listing below. In stock (12 June 2017).
  • Cleaner Wax and Tyre Preserve now in stock (12 June 2017)
  • Zymol Wheel Brush out of stock.
  • Lehm Klay Kit out of stock
  • Spray Glaze out of stock
  • Wash Caddy - we now stock the special edition pink caddy (while stocks last)

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Zymol Accessories


Z508 Zymol Wool Duster Single £39
The Zymol Natural Wool Duster is the smart alternative to dirt-collecting waxed cotton. The ultra lightweight, All-Wool pelt eliminates dust with an inherent static charge that can be enhanced with the technique below. The easy-to-hold, foot-long Birch ha - [Details] Add to basket
ZA101 Zymol Microwipes pack of 2 £18.00
The Zymol Microwipe is the 21st Century alternative to final buffing with a cotton towel. The ultra light-weight, "rubber" (nylon & nytril) quadaxial woven material repels wax, forcing all of your Zymol Wax or Glaze to bond during application. Additionall - [Details] Add to basket
ZA401 Zymol Detail Brush each £9.00
It’s the details that make the difference. Soft, long Horse Hair bristles, moulded into a handle without metal to protect your paint while you’re using this lightweight Detail Brush. Great for interior detailing too! - [Details] Add to basket
ZA500 Zymol Wax Applicators pack of 3 £7.00
The hand-pressed foam over ‘no-silicone’ foam Wax Applicator Pad is your assurance of an even coat of Zymol Hand-Crafted Wax, every time! Do not wash, store in airtight bag. - [Details] Add to basket
ZA501 Zymol Towels pack of 2 £17.00
Not all towels are created equal. Domestic towels are manufactured, then dyed and washed to remove excess dye. To make the towel more consumer ready, manufacturers "size" or coat the towel with starch and silicone that scratches and contaminates paint. - [Details] Add to basket
ZA504 Zymol Pre-Wax Applicators pack of 2 £9.00
The right applicators are as important as the right products. Zymol Pre-Wax Applicators are designed to apply Zymol HD-Cleanse or Zymol Cleaner Wax evenly, without wastage. The hand-sewn ‘terry over foam’ Pre-Wax Applicator provides just the right amount of - [Details] Add to basket
ZA505 Zymol Sponge each £6.25
The right Sponge makes a big job easy. Moulded without paint killing silicone, this forever supple, heavyweight sponge drenches your car in soft frothy bubbles, helping you slide dirt and foreign matter away from your paint with minimum effort. - [Details] Add to basket
ZA506 Zymol Synthetic Chamois each £11.5
The Zymol Synthetic Chamois absorbs and squeezes like leather without removing wax. - [Details] Add to basket
ZA601 Zymol Vale Schpritzer Bottle 236ml £6.00
Our Schpritzer Bottle is the most comfortable sprayer available. The classic flask design is the easiest to grip, spray and place in a pocket during use. Made from clear, recycled PET (soft drink bottles) with a metered, self-siphoning head. Use to mix an - [Details] Add to basket
ZAKIT500 Zymol Accessory Pack Kit £20
The Accessory Pack brings together the essential cloths and applicator required to complete the zymol process correctly, leaving the perfect finish. Each pack contains: 1 x Pre-Wax Applicator, 1 x Buffing Towel, 1 x Microwipe - [Details] Add to basket