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SmartwaxSmartwax Car Detailing range

Smartwax® is a very different and truly unique US-made product where expense is secondary to results. Manufactured from the highest quality raw materials, Smartwax delivers the finest wax paint has ever seen. Smartwax is pure carnauba based wax and polish, enhanced by Non-Stick Protection and formulated using Smartwax´s proprietary blend of fluorocarbon polymer resins that give Smartwax the wet looking, long lasting depth of shine and UV(40) protection that reduce fading, oxidation and paint cracking.

Supplies of Smartwax have evaporated as there is no longer a UK importer and we cannot obtain fresh stock except for Rimwax. What we have is listed, when its gone its gone. (6th January 2017).

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SmartCarpet Smartwax Carpet Cleaner     £8.99 Add to basket

Heavy Duty spot and stain remover - an Interior Cleaner providing Deep Cleaning for all Carpet, Fabric, Upholstery and Vinyl.


Smartwax Wax Smartwax Carnauba Wax   473ml £14.95 Add to basket

Smartwax represents the best of liquid carnauba shine that modern chemistry can engineer. smartwax combines 100% Brazilian Grade A Carnauba Wax, nature´s most refined wax with the latest in innovative gloss enhancers and surface protestants to bring out your vehicles highest level of shine. OUT OF STOCK

SmartPolish Smartwax Polish     £14.99 Add to basket
  • A light cutting polish designed to remove oxidation caused by outside elements.
  • Revives paint and restores shine
  • Removes surface imperfections, swirl marks, water spots and contact scuff marks.
  • Formulated to refine paint - removes surface flaws
  • Cleans and brightens
  • Acrylic: no wax & silicone superior surface cleaner
  • Body shop safe
  • Premium paint cleaner without any fillers
  • No harsh chemicals 
SmartLeather SmartLeather Cleaner & Conditioner     £12.99 Add to basket

Smartleather is specially designed to clean, condition and preserve the strength, beauty and flexibility of old and new leather.


  • Unbeatable protection
  • Moisturizes & nourishes
  • Long-lasting & easy to apply
  • Natural leather fragrance
  • Keeps leather soft & supple
SmartGel Smartwax Smart Gel Dressing     £13.99 Add to basket

Trim, tyre and hard plastic restorer, delivers an extreme shine & restores faded color to: tyres, trim, bumpers, seals and more smartgel keeps tires and trip looking new forever. An wet shine extended gel that lasts months not days. OUT OF STOCK

SmartWash Smartwax Car Wash     £6.95 Add to basket

Smartcarwash™ is a premium shampoo and conditioner in one. Formulated with Synthetic Polymers, it delivers a car wash concentrate that loosens and emulsifies the toughest dirt and road grime; allowing them to glide off the surface, while leaving it smooth and shiny. OUT OF STOCK

SmartDetail SmartWax Detail Spray     £10.99 Add to basket

SmartDetail instant detail spray is fortified with space age polymers that form a protective barrier and create an intense - rich, deep, wet-look gloss. Use it after washing to restore slickness, shine and full SmartWax or SmartSealant protection. Use it between washes to remove light dust, fingerprints, insects and bird droppings. It is also an eco friendly waterless car cleaning product for cars that have light to moderate road grime.
A single spray wipes away fingerprints, water spots, dust and harmful contaminates, leaving behind a rich, spectacular shine that lasts!


SmartBBG Smartwax Blue be Gone     £10.95 Add to basket

Blue-b-gone metal shine is formulated to restore the brilliant shine to any metal and is engineered for chrome exhausts and metals that have started bluing or dulling. Blue-b-gone combines state-of-the-art cleaners with a cutting edge formulation, resulting in unmatched performance and protection. It is fast in cutting through the layers of dulling oxides, and restoring a brilliant eye glaring polished shine. This outstanding polish makes chrome, copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and other metalwork gleam and look their best while its anti-tarnish formula protects against future oxidation. Contains no ammonia. Safely cleans, polishes and protects in one easy step.


SmartConcours Smartwax Concours Paste Wax   256g £44.99 Add to basket

Concours-class Carnauba paste wax with 55% Carnauba for a deep, lustrous shine.
Contains sunflower, coconut and propolis oils, blended without fragrance and presented in a natural colour.
Entirely suited to any car, irrespective of colour or paint type, and includes a distinctive red foam applicator pad.


RimWax Rimwax Alloy Wheel Polish & Protectant   200g £17.99 Add to basket
Adds a deep shine to ANY wheels and calipers and protects against the buildup of harmful brake dust. Easy to apply and makes washing very quick and easy.
Protects wheels against salt too - essential for expensive alloys and split rims.
Large 200g pot treats approx 12 sets of wheels
Each application lasts around 3 months.
Even smells nice - of bubble gum!  OUT OF STOCK
ONE ONE Waterless Wash   500ml £12.99 Add to basket
Product image of Smartwax ONE Waterless Wash Smartwax ONE is a water-less wash, wax and sealant in a bottle. ONE works in all weather conditions and because it does not need water, you can even use it in the garage. You simply spray a mist of ONE onto the surface of your vehicle - it softens, lifts, and encapsulates dirt particles in a protective lubricant, which is easily wiped away with a microfibre towel. A thin layer of carnauba wax (made from the leaves of the Carnauba palm) remains and this can be buffed to a showroom finish shine, which, by reducing any static charge, means the non-stick surface will repel dirt.

With Smartwax ONE, there is no waste and no residual water spots, swirl marks or streaks. Because it is formulated with ultraviolet absorbers, Smartwax ONE reduces the harmful effects of the sun on paintwork. OUT OF STOCK