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Hindsight Convertible Screen Restoration Kit Hindsight

Hindsight Convertible Hood Restorer
Worldwide patented Plastic Screen Restorer, recommended by Ford and supplied to many other dealerships. £45 per kit. Morethanpolish is now the only sales outlet worldwide for this product, as Hindsight themselves are concentrating on manufacture and passed all sales handling to us, as of 2012.

Most convertible cars with a plastic rear screen suffer from the problem of the screen turning milky, opaque, scuffed and unsightly. This reduces rear vision, increases the risk of an accident and detracts from the appearance of the car reducing its value. This can be easily and inexpensively corrected by using either Hindsight Plastic Restorer, a unique, worldwide patented 2 stage product.

'Hindsight offers useful long term benefits.If you are restoring an older car then it would be worth spending the extra cash to bring back some flexibility and lengthen its life.' TOTAL BMW magazine

Just to thank you for supplying me your Hindsight product which I have just used on my Ferrari 430 Spider rear window.

What a result and saved me a fortune. Quoted silly money for a new screen and having done the magic with your product it is like new. FANTASTIC.!!!!!! Big thank you.

Harry Prew-Smith, Nottingham (June 2012)


World-leading formulation
MercHindsight has been developed by a world-leading company which has specialised in the use of plastics for over thirty years. Each kit comprises:

Hindsight One is a unique penetrative oil which lubricates the plastic and reduces the stress patterns which can go right through your screen, while a finishing treatment restores the deep shine.

Hindsight Two removes scuffs, surface damage and opaque areas. Hindsight restores most plastic windows to virtually new condition and resolving the problem of having to throw away an otherwise perfectly good hood.

'Hindsight miraculously removes scratches and opacity,and is environmentally friendly' Mercedes Benz Club Gazette

Outstanding results
MercHindsight has been tested on virtually every make of European sports car with outstanding results. Here is a Mercedes SL with half of the rear screen treated with Hindsight. Not only is the window much clearer but Hindsight also removes the line or bar which can appear across the middle of the screen.

'By far the best screen cleaning product I've tried', was editor Elliott's enthusiastic verdict after testing 'Hindsight' on his Elan's aged plastic. Classic & Sports Car magazine

'After about 30 minutes work the entire window came up with a superb finish.'  911 & Porsche World, testing on a 911

The product gives beautiful results on Mazda MX-5s, Porsche 911s and Boxsters, MGF & TF, BMW Z3 and M3, Mercedes SL, Ferrari F355 and 360 Spider, Rolls-Royce and also works superbly on Acrylic headlights and solid plastic windows e.g. on Morgans. Recommended by Ford for the Ka after extensive tests on a car left in the Sahara for a year. Use it now to prevent long term damage to your car and a hole in your wallet! [Read what users say here]

Check the benefits of using these products

  • Eliminate rear vision problems resulting in safer driving.
  • Increase the value and improves the cosmetic appearance.
  • Less expensive than a new hood or rear screen - it is always preferable to keep the original screen.
  • Protect from repeated flexing and the elements - frost, wind, etc.
  • Lubricate the screen, restoring plasticisers, keeping it supple - reducing the risk of splitting or cracking.
  • Provide a lasting finish.
  • The Hindsight No 1 Kit contains enough product to clean a screen 6 times. Treatments last around 12 months and take about 30 minutes to apply.

Ordering details

Hindsight Kit 1 - 2 x 70g pots £45 Add to basket
Contains pot each of Hindsight 1 & Hindsight 2, cotton applicator pad, microfibre polishing cloth - easily enough for 3 years work on a screen. Unique formula which is 2-stage - firstly absorbed by the plastic to protect from brittleness, restoring flexibility and extending life, then apply the incredibly fine polishing formula. Lasts around 12 months between applications, enough for 4-6 screens. Tried and tested on MGB/F, Z3, Boxster, M3, 911, Elan, MX-5, Mercedes SL, Smart, Ferrari 360 and many more.

Hindsight Kit 2 - 2 x 140g pots £75 Add to basket

Contains pot of Hindsight 1 & Hindsight 2, cotton cloth, microcloth and PVC gloves.

Kit suitable for long term/mutliple car use/trade.

Independent reviewers comments:

Mercedes Benz Club Gazette - 'Hindsight miraculously removes scratches and opacity, and is environmentally friendly'

Total BMW - Hindsight offers useful long term benefits. If you are restoring an older car then it would be worth spending the extra cash to bring back some flexibility and lengthen its life.'

911 & Porsche World - Hindsight on a 911 - 'After about 30 minutes work the entire window came up with a superb finish.'

Classic & Sports Car magazine - 'By far the best screen cleaning product I've tried' reported James Elliott, Editor after testing Hindsight on his Elan's aged plastic screen.

I would like to say how delighted and completely satisfied that I am with the results of using Hindsight on the rear windscreen of my 6 year old Mercedes SL320. I had been resigned to the possibility of having to replace the rear screen at huge expense but can honestly say that it has come up almost as good as new and has removed the annoying "bar" effect that this type of hood gets over time.'
Mr.G.Carnie - Mercedes owner.

Following your post I got a pack of the above (next day delivery) I have just used it on the hoods of my wedding cars and I am delighted with the results. One car has a new hood and a polishing has given that an even better finish.
John B, 2004

I bought this and have used it a couple of times and it is totally amazing, the results are excellent, I got the BMW stuff before and its not a patch on this. Used it about 4 times now and the results are staggering, think I spent £40 a year ago and there is still about 2/3 left.
BMW User, 2004

My new to me SL320 (R129) has an original soft top rear window which was a bit dull. The view through it could be likened to a foggy day. The abrasion across the middle was like a bar had been resting on the plastic in the fold.
The abrasion on the bar line has virtually disappeared. The fog has lifted. This Hindsight is definitely worth the price and the effort to clean the rear screen of any acrylic window

                                 Before                                                                   After
Cambridgeshire user, 2007

It really does do what it says on the tin. It really makes the perspex soft and supple again. The plasticizer in Hindsight is what makes it so much better.
Another Mercedes SL User, 2003

Just used hindsight on the rear panel. Amazing results, well worth the effort. I now have a perfectly clear window.
Honda S2000 user, 2003

My rear screen had scratches on both the inside and outside. The previous owner had used a scraper to remove frost and there were scratch marks up and down the window as well as seroius fold scuffing.

Hindsight removed all of these. I think it is an excellent product. The only problem is applying it to the inside. I'm very pleased with the results
Another Honda S2000 user, 2003

We are the only authorised distributor worldwide of this amazing product.
Worldwide orders are welcome although shipping may be charged extra at cost. We supply a host of official dealerships including Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati and independent specialists on classic and modern cars.