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                   Gliptone Full car care range -

                 more than leather care !


Since 1947 Gliptone have provided a full range of car care products, yet are largely known in the UK only for their leather care products. There is much more to the range, of equal quality. Morethanpolish are working with the importer of these lines to bring you exclusive offers and the full range.

We can also access the Professional/trade products in US gallons - please enquire



Enjoy at least 25% off all Gliptone products until stocks last !

Some products reduced by 50%


Buy the Gliptone 3-Step products originally retailing at £44.97 for the bargain price of £25

- save almost £20!


  • Step One - Body Bar 8oz (massive 228g!) (bar only, same presentation as Kit)
  • Step Two - Clearcoat Compound 16oz
  • Step Three - Clearcoat Wax 16oz
  • Full product details below.
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Washing & Surface Preparation

Wash N Glow
1893ml (64oz.) This environmentally friendly,100% biodegradable car wash product presents as a thick concentrated washing solution, blended from wax beautifiers & cleaning agents. Wash N Glow is pH neutral, safe for all wax finishes and leaves no residue or water spots. It will not damage or break down existing wax finishes or paint sealants. If the low price of this product concerns you, check the specification and try it now before the price rises.

Code: GT0364
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Body Bar Clay Bar and Lube Kit
Step 1 in Gliptones car care process, Body Bar is a Clay Bar compound used as a method of removing contaminants from vehicle surfaces. It creates an ultra smooth and clean surface that is ready for wax, polish and/or paint sealant. When used as directed it safely cleans & smoothes the paint finish by easily removing surface contaminants such as rail dust, brake dust, industrial fallout, tree sap, bug residue, paint overspray, and many other surface contaminants that are not easily removed during the washing process. Contains clay one bar of 4oz/114g and 2oz (120 ml) Body Gloss as spray-on Lubricant.
Code: GT71004
Price: £19.99 reduced to £9.99- Add To Basket An absolute bargain at this price !


ClearCoat Compound, 473ml (16 oz).
Step 2 Deep cleans all clear coats and conventional paint finishes. This Hi-Tech formula contains a "non-scouring", abrasive-free cleanser that permanently removes scratches, swirl marks, oxidation and blemishes caused by bird droppings, tree sap, etc. This product contains no wax or silicone, therefore it offers no lasting protection and it is suggested to be followed by an application of GLIPTONE's Step 3 Clear Coat Polish or paint sealant.
Code: GT22016
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The Original Carnauba Cream Wax, 473ml (16 oz).
Contains all the quality ingredients of Gliptone® Paste Wax in a cream formula which fill in hairline scratches and buffing swirls. Original Carnauba Cream Wax will not streak, smear or leave unsightly residue. This premium product gives high gloss protection with one easy application.
Code: GT0216
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Clear Coat Polish, 473ml (16 oz).
Designed for paint finishes that are new, clean and very well maintained. Gliptone Clearcoat car wax with Clirilium polishes which cleans and protects all clear coat finishes with the very latest in car care technology. Lasting micro beading. Work in small controlled sections then buff off.
Code: GT0816
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Platinum Cream Wax 473ml (16 oz)
Contains all the quality ingredients of Gliptone Platinum Paste Wax with in a cream formula. Fills in buffing swirls and hairline scratches with the same features and benefits of Gliptone Platinum Paste Wax.
Code: GT1016
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Pro Buff Cleaner Wax with Carnauba, 473ml (16 oz).
For over 40 years, the professional’s choice as an ‘all in one’ product. Safe for all paint finishes as it cleans and waxes in one step. For hand and machine use, ProBuff removes fine scratches and removes oxidation. Its easy to apply and easy to remove. Contains #1 Brazilian Carnauba wax for premium shine and durability.
Code: GT0616
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Show Gloss, 473ml (16 oz).
This liquid, lustrous carnauba wax is quick and easy to apply. It dissolves tar, sap and road film, removes dirt build-up, haze and dullness. Show Gloss leaves a rich, protective coating of carnauba wax in a brilliant, long-lasting shine.
Code: GT0416
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Body Gloss with Carnauba (spray-n-wipe Quick Detailer), 650 ml (22 oz.)
Simply spray and wipe to quickly remove dust and fingerprints from paint, chrome, glass, plastic, and vinyl surfaces. Cleans and shines instantly without scratching. Use during the final detailing process to release dust and dried wax from cracks and crevices. Perfect for showcar last minute shine-ups.
Code: GT2022
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Gliptone Original Carnauba Paste WaxGliptone Original Carnauba Paste Wax
More wax mileage from a single can than any wax ever made! Original pure wax formula, made from #1 Brazilian Carnauba. Large 10.5 oz (310ml) tin.

  • Easy to apply, easy to remove
  • Provides maximum surface protection
  • Produces an unequalled, superior shine
  • Multiple coats magnify painted surface
  • No yellowing or wax build up
  • Will not cause rain spots
  • Contains no detergents, cleaners, harmful chemicals, synthetics, harsh abrasives or film-forming materials
  • Will not dull or harm paint finishes.
  • Smells delightful
  • Soft and easy to apply
  • Code GT0110
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Wheels, tyres and engine bay

Emerald Clean Degreaser, 650 ml (22 oz.)
Environmentally safe yet extremely powerful formulation which works superbly to clean and degrease engines, behind panels, on rocker boxes, door jambs, removes grease stains from carpet, upholstery and door shuts, road film and tar from painted surfaces, driveways and garage floors. Can be diluted as much as 10:1 or full strength for tough grease. This is our recommended degreaser and general clean up product.
Code: GT1722
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True Blue Professional Tyre Shine, 650ml (22 oz.)
Premium Professional quality exterior dressing for tyres, mouldings, bumpers and vinyl trim. Unsurpassed shine and durability by any product on the retail market today claim Gliptone. Penetrates surface to produce a long lasting and water repellent shine. Beads water off your tyres as if they were waxed!
Code: GT1822
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Gliptone Liquid Leather Cleaner
The famous gentle leather cleaner pH balanced to the pH of fine leather . Cleans safely and thoroughly restores the natural beauty and resilience of leather as it cleans without harmful removal of natural oils. Gliptone Liquid Leather preserves leathers’ strength and durability, enhancing the original new leather scent. Two sizes in stock:
Code: GT1208 236ml (8oz)
PriceRRP £7.25 our price £5.49- Add To Basket

Code: GT1236 1 Litre

Price: £22.99   Add To Basket

Gliptone Liquid Leather Conditioner
Preserves the unique, natural qualities & beauty of fine leather, breathes new life & resilienceinto neglected leather and prolongs the life & lustre of old and new leather. Requires no vigorous rubbing to restore the feel and scent of new leather. Apply when leather is c.1 year old, use quarterly or as required. Leaves no oily residue behind. Two sizes in stock:
Code: GT1108 236ml (8 oz)
Price: RRP £8.25 our price £6.99- Add To Basket

GT1136 1 Litre

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Cloths and Towels


We're helping liquidate the remaining stock of Gliptone towels and offer a set of 7 of these superb high quality towels at the giveaway price of £16 plus carraige (or no shipping if you collect).

Original retail value on the set was over £40 so you save a huge 60%.

The packs are fixed and cannot be changed. You may add other items to your basket off our site for no additional carraige costs.

For full detail on the towels see below. Order here: Add To Basket

Softouch Microfiber Towel - Double Pack
Premium quality detailing cloth for windows , wax removal, polishing, buffing and dusting. Safe on all surfaces including clear coat and paint surfaces. Machine washable (use no fabric conditioner)and reusable for years. Where else can you buy 2 towels of this quality for so little ?
Code: GT7162

Glass Window Towels (2 pack)
The ideal cleaning cloth designed specifically for windows, measuring 16” x 16” (40cm x 40cm). Microfibre technology takes a single fibre with a thickness less than a human hair and splits it 16 times into a "V" shape. This creates crevices that collect water, debris and even bacteria, making this product one of the most absorbent products available. The new softtouch window towel has a unique weave, making it the perfect towel for cleaning and polishing any glass surface as well as metal, tiles, plastic and lacquer. So powerful they suck up dirt like magic, leaving streak free results. Machine washable.
Code: GT7262
Price: £9.99 reduced to £7.99- Add To Basket

Metal Polishing Towel (2 pack)
This new 16” x 16” (40cm x 40cm)Softouch Metal Towel has a unique lint-free weave that combines strength and softness, making it the perfect towel for shining wheels, chrome exhaust pipes and bumpers, chrome trim, stainless steel, aluminium and any other metal surface. These same characteristics make it ideal for cleaning and polishing many other surfaces including; clear coat and other paint surfaces, wood, glass, fibreglass, plexiglas, Formica, granite/marble, ceramic tile and more. The ideal cleaning cloth for home, office or car. Machine washable. Like the ridiculously overpriced E-Cloth for a fraction of the cost.
Code: GT7562
Price: £9.99 reduced to £7.99- Add To Basket

Drying & Polishing Towel - Super Size 40cm x 120cm
Finally the ideal detailing cloth for wax removal, polishing, buffing and dusting. The streak-free and lint-free qualities of this fabric make it an excellent choice for cleaning windows, glass and many other surfaces. It will not scratch clearcoat, is machine washable and cleans and absorbs up to 8 times its own weight.
Code: GT7361
Price: £12.99 reduced to £10.39- Add To Basket

Interior Detailing Towels (2 Pack) 40x40cm
This NEW Softouch Multi Purpose Towel has a unique weave that combines strength & softness, making it the perfect towel for interior dusting and cleaning. Excellent for vinyl, rubber and leather surfaces. These same characteristics make it ideal for cleaning and polishing many other surfaces including; clear coat and other paint surfaces, wood, glass, chrome, fibreglass, plexiglass, stainless steel, Formica, granite/marble, ceramic, tile and more. Perfect around the home as well as the car.
Code: GT7462
Price: £9.99 reduced to £7.99- Add To Basket

Polishing & Buffing Microfibre Towels (2 Pack) 40x40cm
Finally the ideal detailing cloth for wax removal, polishing, buffing and dusting. The streak-free and lint-free qualities of this fabric make it an excellent choice for cleaning windows, glass and many other surfaces. The Softouch Micro Fiber Towel cleans and absorbs up to 8 times its weight. Machine washable.
Code: GT7162
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