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Signature Wood Wax & Microfibre Cloth


Wood Wax
Another new product in summer 2010, which fulfills a useful function for the owners not only of classic cars but modern ones too with real wood. Designed for use on door cap trims, dashboards, fascias and any other fine wood panelling.

A relatively firm wax for Race Glaze, coloured like Werthers Originals and with a light cherrywood aroma, its a carnaba product designed to help restore dried out wood and put a supreb lustre back onto the surface, filling in cracks in the lacquer.

Its a 50ml jar, which for comparison would coat about 8 full size cars, spreads thinly, and is designed for layering - we'd recommend 2 layers on new wood, more on older surfaces.


Signature Microfibre Polishing Cloth
We are stunned by the incredible depth and softness of this new 60x60cm light blue towel, which is so soft they ought to make baby toys out of it ! It features a deeper pile one side best for final polishing, the other for the first pass, or polishing glass or chrome.
Delivered bagged and labelled they are particulalry popular with anyone who gets to actually feel it.
They replace Race Glaze Microfibre Buffing Sheets - these are bigger, softer and feel more premium.