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Novus - Speed Camera Warning Systems

Since their launch in 2005 we sold hundreds of Talex speed camera warning systems, but Talex went into administration in late 2007.
However, Novus have the use of that database and are committed to updating it with fixed (GATSO, SPECs, Truvelo, red light) and mobile camera sites – currently over 7,000 locations, each advised to you as you approach sites that affect you. You also have accident blackspots and schools notified in each product.
The Novus database is ‘directional’ – it will notify you of cameras fixed on the opposite direction of traffic and warn you of those affecting you. It will show your own speed, accurate to 0.1 of a second, the speed limit applicable at the camera site, and warn you if you are exceeding it with spoken and visual warnings. It is far more accurate than the speedometer on your car or motorbike.

Simply, if you rely on your car for your job, pleasure or simply hate additional ‘taxes’, these units will save you points and pounds. Anyone who has 6 or 9 points on their licence is crazy not to buy one.

This database is available to you in 3 great new products:

Novus DeltaNovus Delta (PRODUCT DISCONTINUED IN JULY 2010)
All the award-winning (Auto Express Best Buy) features of the Talex unit – permanently display of your speed, aural and visual camera warnings with the full database, GPS ‘SOS’ function in case of breakdown or emergency. Powered by cigarette lighter. Free lifetime database updates available.

  • Warns you of:  Gatso, Truvelo, SPECS, Speedmaster, DS2, traffic light cameras, accident blackspots and thousands of other permanent safety cameras.
  • Clearly announces and displays the legal speed limit when approaching camera sites.
  • Easy to use ‘out of the box’ dashboard mounting system with rubberised magnetic mount
  • Bright LED display allowing both night and day operation
  • Advises speed limit (for cars) at speed camera locations.
  • Over speed warning in close proximity to speed cameras.
  • Direction Sensitive – only warns you of cameras on your carriageway.
  • Warns you of known accident blackspots
  • Accurate Speed Reading by satellite GPS – better than your car speedo.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Easily transferable between vehicles (extra mounts available at £4.99).
  • Comprehensive UK speed camera database updated constantly by experienced ex-Traffic Police.
  • Includes USB update cable for speed cameras updates.
  • 3 Years manufacturers warranty.
  • 12 months updates included FREE


Novus GPS RiderNovus GPS Rider
Full database, portable unit with rechargeable batteries built in, similar to the Delta in all other respects.Ideal for motorcyclists and kit cars.



Novus AlphaNovus Alpha
Top of the range yet the same price as the old standard Talex, the Alpha features vehicle based road profiling, SOS feature, full database and bright day or night OLED display in a neat stand which allows you to remove the unit when you leave the car. Free lifetime database updates available.

Each unit is simply powered by a plug into your cigarette lighter, and in the Rider, by rechargeable batteries, so is perfect for motorcyclists. They attach by a self adhesive pad (supplied) containing a magnet which is attracted to the metal base of the unit. If you want to use it in more than 1 vehicle, simply buy additional pads.

Novus Delta


Novus GPS Rider


Novus Alpha


Additional fixing pad

£4.99 Add to basket

Cable to convert Talex and Talex Lite to connect to free database updates

£17.99 Add to basket

  1. Are these units legal?
    Yes, 100%, and even under planned legislation will remain so.
  2. Will it work behind metallised windscreens ?
    As these are designed to block UV rays, they can also block satellite signals, so cars such as Renault and some Peugeot and Citroen models may pose difficulties.
  3. How does it work?
    Simply, the Novus unit tracks your road position via a grid of 3 GPS satellites and compares it to the camera database within it. When you are 800 yards from the camera site you receive a warning.
  4. Is the Talex and Talex Lite still available?
    Unfortunately not –shame, as they were very popular units, but the Delta is virtually identical and actually better value, and the Alpha is even higher spec.
  5. Do you use one yourself?
    I actually have the Talex database in my Talex Sat Nav (also no longer available) and have sold units to our Office Manager, neighbours, friends, car club colleagues and many established customers, all of whom are delighted with their purchases.