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Detailing worldDetailing Basics - 'Must have' essentials

This page features special offers on items you really  do need in your detailing arsenal and may not be our normal lines. Some products are even offered postage free to the UK. Please note that if you add other products from other pages of our website to your basket those will not be carriage free.

For shipping outside of the UK please contact us by e-mail.

Deep PileDeep Pile Massive Drying Towel
We’re sure many will recognise this superbly absorbent plush towel, which is sold elsewhere for up to £10-12. Its lint free, extremely soft and monster size. We have secured reliable supplies at a very good discount.
The towel is 900 x 620mm, super soft deep microfibre and ideal for pat drying, wiping or even buffing, but its drying it excels at. Clear coat safe. Its long open microfibre construction helps prevent swirl formation on your paintwork and you can swiftly dry a car by placing it on the surface, drawing it along and repeating the process all over.

One side is deeper pile than the other, so great for quick detailing usage if you wish, the short side better for buffing and glass polishing. The silky edging is luxurious. Fully machine washable (no fabric conditioner). Fabric is 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide.

  • For 1 towel, post free all in price £7.50
  • For 2 towels, post free all in price £13.50
  • For 3 towels, post free all in price (delivered First Class post) £20.00
  • For 5 towels, post free all in price (courier service included) £33

Compare our prices: other retailers Group Buy prices are £10.55 (One), £18.50 (two) and £26 (three). You simply cannot buy cheaper ! Our prices include VAT and delivery to your UK door.

Please select the number of towels:

Meguiars-style Extra Safe Wheel Brush
Virtually identical as the branded product, this brush measures 35cm (14”) from end to end, 23cm (9”) being bristles over 4cm (1.5”) long. The tactile grey handle features a spatter guard and eyelet to hang it up to prevent the surprisingly soft bristles getting squashed. The top end has a securely-fastened rubber guard to prevent scratching. Supplied in a protective plastic case.

RRP of branded item is £7.99

  • For 1 brush, post free all in price £6.99
  • For 2 brushes, post free all in price £12
  • For 3 brushes, post free all in price £16
  • For 4 brushes, post free all in price £20
  • For 5 brushes, post free all in price £24
Please select the number of Brushes:

Wheel Woolies

The safest way to wash your wheels as these long fluffy wheel wonders contain no metal at all. Three different sizes in a set, which gives you one for grilles and other awkward areas. The handle is fibreglass so will flex and the head compresses in tight spots so will fit between rim and caliper.

Brush lengths: 8", 12" and 18" (20, 30 and 45cm). 
Soft fluffy head diameters: 1", 1.5" and 4" (28mm, 42mm and 112mm)

Price: £34.99/set      Add To Basket                                                                                                                                                      

Noodle Wash MittMicrofibre Noodle Wash Mitt
Premium quality dense Microfibre noodle wash mitt one side, glass cleaning cloth the other. The thick noodles help prevent the creation of washing swirls.

- Strong elasticated wristband
- Plastic inner lining keeps your hand dry - excellent when washing dirty wheels
- Easy to find colours – you'll never lose it!

  • 1 for £4.50
  • 2 for £7.50
  • 3 for £10.00
  • 4 for £13.00
  • 5 for £15.00


Please select the number of Mitts:

Soft fluffy Wool Dusters
Virtually identical to imported branded product which sell for considerably more, and then you have to add carriage. Our dusters have no logo, its the only difference we can find. Excellent for dusting off stored cars, for use prior to waxing or removing compound dust after paint correction. Perfect for car showroom or collection use. Simply shake the dust off and reuse for years.

The thick, supersoft fleece will not leave swirls or create scratches. They are lightwieght and a delight to use.

  • For 1 duster, post free £29
  • For 2 dusters, post free, £57

Please select the number of Dusters:

Orchard Wheel Cleanse Wheel Cleanse
Super safe non-acid and non-caustic wheel cleaner which is ready to use or can be diluted up to 10:1 for maintenance of lightly used cars. No clouding in tests on all types of wheels and spacers including polished aluminium. Its foaming action allows it to work without drying out and clings, reducing product usage. 500ml illustrated, the product is supplied in 1 litre size.


GritguardAdjustable Gritguard
A simple way to lessen those annoying washing scratches and swirls which inevitably build up on your car over time.
As any professional detailer will tell you, placing one of these into a suitably sized bucket will keep all the heavier dirt and suspended sediments below the mesh and away from your wash mitt or sponge as you wash the car. Will fit standard UK buckets and also larger imported or builders style buckets. Made from tough nylon and guaranteed for life.

Premium Supersoft Sheepskin Wash Mitt
Newly produced from really dense, deep pile fleece, these super wash mitts are top quality without paying the premium for branded mitts. They have elasticated cuffs, and arounded end. Recommended to safely wash your car without generating swirl or washing marks. Various colours, supplied randomly. Hand rinse and air dry after use.


Everyday Microfibre ClothsEveryday Microfibre Cloths
You can save your best microfibers for final wax buffing, but you'll always need some good cloths for interior detailing, glass and windows. These have been tested and selected from many available, are 40cm square and a 70:30 mix, with 180gsm weight. Machine washable.