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Budget Car Covers

We’ve been supplying these excellent value indoor and outdoor car covers for several years through our associated businesses and they represent excellent value and good quality. They are well made, and will do a good job protecting your car, whether for short -term or summer-only use, or long term protection both indoors or outside. Our white indoor car covers have been popular with owners and collectors of a huge variety of cars due to their material and simple application. We are happy to provide fabric samples upon request.

Indoor (only) car covers

Our Quality Indoor Car Covers come in 8 sizes to fit most cars. They will protect your car from dust, insects, knocks and scrapes and inquisitive eyes.

They are:

  • car shaped – different lengths, widths and heights
  • breathable - made from 85% Viscose and 15% Polyester fabric
  • dust and rot proof
  • soft, non scratching fabric
  • machine washable at 40 degrees and tumble-dryable on 'low'
  • elasticated at both ends, outboard of the wheels
  • available only in white
  • custom sizes made to order – contact us for prices
  • made in England
SmSp Sports Car Small £45.00 Add to
MG TA/TC/TD/old TF, Morgan 4/4, Plus8
LgSp Sports Car Large £55.00 Add to
Z1/3, Elise/Exige, MG F/TF (new), RV8, Porsche 356
ELS Sports Car Extra Large £59.00 Add to
Audi TT, Z4, Capri, Honda S2000, Porsche 911 to 993/924/944/968/Boxster/Cayman, Triumph Stag, TVR (except Griffith, Vixen, V6 69-71, Tasmin)
SalSm Saloon Small £57.00 Add to
Escort mk 1-4 inc. Cosworth, SLK, MR2 (MK 1, 2), VW Beetle, Scirocco, Corrado
SaLg Saloon Large £59.00 Add to
5-series ('03 on), Triumph TR4/5
MKII Saloon MkII £63.00 Add to
Aston Martin DB7-9, Audi A4, Continental GT, BMW 3-series, 5-series (to '03),Corvette, Camaro, Focus Mk2, XK8, X-Type, Mk II Jag, Jensen 541/CV8/Interceptor, SL (W107 on), CLK, Evo I-IX, Porsche 996/997/Cayenne, Suburu Impreza, Toyota Celica/Supra
US American £69.00 Add to
Impala '58, Daimler DS420, RR Silver Cloud
RR Rolls Royce / Bentley £69.00 Add to
Continental S1-S3, T, Eight, Mulsanne, Turbo R, Azure, Silver Shadow/Spur/Spirit/Corniche

Check Your Cover Size

Outdoor Water Resistant Breathable Car Covers

 Also useable indoors, these high technology lightweight breathable car covers are 80-90% waterproof. A shower will roll off them, a day long downpour will leave a fine film of filtered water on the vehicle which will evaporate when rain ceases. They protect against UV, rain and wind, bird lime, tree sap, twigs and pine needles, smog and dust, snow and frost.

They are made from a durable 3-layer breathable non-woven polypropylene fabric, so are versatile and practical. They are not a coated cover unlike other budget car covers – coated treatments often crack and peel off in sustained sunlight.

New larger sizes are available for 4x4 and large crossover style and MPV vehicles

These car covers are:

  • breathable
  • can be placed on a wet car if required
  • elasticated both ends to ensure they remain on the car
  • have double stitched seams for durability
  • have heavy duty grommets (eyelets) and nylon cord (supplied) to secure them under the car. An extra set is provided on the 4x4 covers.
  • are soft so shouldn’t scratch your car
  • weigh less than 2kg, though 4x4/MPV covers will weigh more
  • supplied with own storage bag
  • available in a discrete grey in 7 different sizes
SMALL For cars under 13" (396 cm) MP9851 £25.00 Add to
MEDIUM For cars from 13" – 14" (396 – 426cm) MP9861 £27.00 Add to
LARGE For cars from 14" – 16" (426cm – 487cm) MP9871 £29.00 Add to
For cars 16" (487cm) and over, up to MP9881 £30.00 Add to

4x4 / MPV Small        Length 4.2m, Width 1.8m, Height 1.32m             MP9481  £65.00      Add to

4x4 / MPV Medium    Length 4.6m, Width 1.9m, Height 1.4m               MP9482  £70.00      Add to

4x4 / MPV Large       Length 5m,     Width 2.1m, Height 1.4m              MP9483  £75.00      Add to

Check Your Cover Size

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